Gandhi Jayanthi

Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday


Pure Honey and Yogurt

 Sources of probiotics

Both honey and yogurt are packed with probiotics, which are basically live bacteria and yeasts that aid in digestion and keeps your gut healthy. They’re also called the “good bacteria.”

Yogurt contains probiotic lactobacillus, is good for  reduce diarrhea or an upset stomach .

Honey is said to contain probiotic bacteria that is endemic among honey bees!

 Honey and yogurt are incredibly healthy foods that offer different health benefits when consumed. Both provide different health promoting abilities and when combined together become an immunity and digestive boosting powerhouse.  

When choosing yogurt, try to consume  plain and unsweetened yogurt if possible to keep down calories and sugar.
Green yogurt  would also be a  great choice

As for honey, raw organic varieties are best as this has highest antioxidant concentrations.

Uses of consuming honey and yogurt consistently

 1. Yogurt and honey are a nutrient and antioxidant powerhouse.

This mixtures provides many different types of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant that can promote our overall health

Raw Honey is incredibly rich in the high quality and potent antioxidants.  It includes organic acids, flavanoids and phenols.

 Honey contains bioactive plant compounds and trace of vital nutrients yogahurt

Yogurt contains high levels  of calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus,   magnesium and riboflavin along with Probiotic compounds.

This mixture can also promote the health of our heart many different ways.

 Honey is loaded with antioxidant compounds that can help to lower both blood pressure and the risks associated with heart disease

It can also help to improve cholesterol levels in the body by lowering total and LDL cholesterol , while significantly raising good HDL cholesterol.

Honey can also help to lower blood triglyceride concentrations, a major  risk factor for heart disease.

 Yogurt reduce high blood pressure. Yogurt is also heart healthy, it can reduce high blood pressure since it is a good source of potassium and other nutrients.

Pray for Kerala

Dear Non-Malayali friends, please read this and help Keralites. The entire state of Kerala in need of your generous HELP.
The South Indian state Kerala is suffering from one of its worst flooding disasters in decades with death toll rising to approximately 65, as of 15th August, a memorable Independence Day. The social media and news channels are flooded with shocking visuals from all over the state.
The weather department had issued red alert in all the 14 districts of Kerala. It’s that damn serious.
Shutters of 33 dams have been opened as of now, including Mullapperiyar, Idukki, Edamalayar. Almost all the rivers and canals are overflowing. Cochin International Airport has been closed till 18th August due to the floods.
Munnar, one of the tourist attractions of Kerala has been submerged completely. KSRTC and railway have cancelled many of the bus and train services. Commute has become impossible due to broken bridges and damaged roads in many parts of the state.
Thousands of people have lost their homes, properties and lands, literally everything they had.
Though many people have been evacuated and shifted to rehabilitation camps across the state, there are some people who are still stuck at various places. Food, water, clothes, medicines, toiletries and all other necessary items are supplied by many volunteers in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram etc to all the camps.
The government, officials, army, celebrities and common people are working together to help all the stranded people. Now, it’s our turn to help these people by contributing generously for the ones in need. 
You can send money to Kerala Chief Minister’s relief fund CMDRF(Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund). It’s exempted from Income Tax under section 80(G).
Other Donation Options

Bank : State Bank of India (SBI)

Account Number : 67319948232

Branch : City Branch, Thiruvananthapuram

IFSC : SBIN0070028


Account Type: Savings

Name of Donee: 

Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund

Address :Govt of Kerala

District: Thiruvananthapuram

State Kerala

Pin 695001

The Principal Secretary (Finance), Treasurer,

Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund,

Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram – 695001