Cute bee on flower

Sunmark Honey.jpg


A flower is getting wake up by rain drops

After the morning yoga, just around the compound. How mothers used to wake up children if they are not waking up, when mother sprinkled water in our face, immediately we wake up, the same I felt by looking the flower, she is still in sleep, but nature is telling to wakeup, she didnt, now the nature sprinkling water drops to wake her children.  

How many of you feel it by this pic!

How many of  you woke up by this way!

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An evening walk , I noticed they are busy


An evening walk from school to hostel by missing our school bus. Really, its a nice walk, watched plants around the way. Flowers with honey bees, small and big honey bees nectar honey. While I am clicking, it didnt mind me and continue sucking honey from the flowers. I felt they are thinking whatever you disturb me, I dont go away from my job, they are too busy on their work. Now I and you are realizing how much effort taking by honey bees to collect honey from flowers, and their food, is introducing as the natural and pure honey named rhythm honey and sunmark honey labelled under sunmark groups.

Dew drops on leaves


Just make a look on the picture, it makes you glad. Leaves are happy to keep dew drops on it, and small wind sings a lullaby to the drops. The sun is smiling at drops, and making to shine them. Yes, nature bless with a very awesome sight, togetherness of leaves, dew drops, wind and sunshine